Poems by
Tapas Chakraborty

Rocket Rain

a poem by Tapas Chakraborty

Graveyard pushes its horizon in thunder,
as the dead seek resting place
deep down under
after a rocket rain
that scorched pigeons, thrush and men
before having carted them to this cemetery
in an inversion of Kafkaesque reality .

Oh Jerusalem, under siege for 23 times,
Inflicted 52 assaults ,
and captured or recaptured 44 times
when was history without
blood and grime,
the war is on.

Jerusalem is easy to find , not Jesus
not Allah, nor Abraham
the trinity of faith in a unity .
Out there is dead sea
to float bodies in its salinity ,
wash your sins and cry ,
for the holy land
is lost in the
dust bowl of time .