Poems by
Tanveen Poetry

Current Socio-Political State in India

a poem by Tanveen Poetry

India the nation of true diversity
India the nation with crazy mentality
India my birth nation let’s keep some sanity
India the nation with political gravity

For a better India we gotta employ our youth
For a better India we gotta stop believing in superstitious half-truths
India, you’ll be fine if your so called politicians went on mute
To be fair with a little makeover, India you’ll be all cute

Let’s not rely on news that’s fake
Let’s make this country a place where respect is a give and take
Where for justice our farmers don’t have to keep their lives at stake
I hope you’d change a bit even if it’s for gods sake

Dear Prime Minister, I wish you realize the plight of the common man
I wish you knew what’s it like to pay taxes to someone who has no plan
Just like the 500 and 1000 rupee notes the Indians will make you a ban but this time it won’t be a scam
I wish you all the best cause sooner or later the victory will be of the common man