Poems by
Suhani Ingle


a poem by Suhani Ingle

I have a swing sets near my garden
And I always wonder
About those empty beds and three words of forgiveness makes me restless
I walked down the path and I saw the outline of moon,
I saw two lover’s shadow leaving
From the gap between the flowers
I saw them holding hands like infinity
And grasping love as forever
What should I call this poetry?
A temple of love
Or a book that nobody wants to read
Love is iceberg in the ocean and lovers are titanic
Lovers are like love, they did nothing else, but love
They write love letters to touch the lips of ocean
I do remember
The one time I went to Norway
I saw two lovers
Wrapped around in the arms of each other and I think
That tree gives shadow so that the sunlight don’t kiss there love,
I loved a love who was like adventure
And taste like drunkless poet
Suddenly I realized
That there is no Rose and neither did Jack lived
But I got to fall in love with lovers
Who are loved in the lights of Eiffel tower or they are foolish lovers
Who breath with conclusion
And dance with love.