Poems by
Srushti Dhotekar

I want to be a Mother

a poem by Srushti Dhotekar

Today is the day
I decided I want to be a mother

Never before
Have I felt the need to be
Or the want itself

But now I do

Do I want to mother my own?
I know not
Do I want the world to show me
What lies for me to nurture?
Maybe so

Maybe I will be a mother
Maybe not

If I do however
I have this tiny little concept for you
My dear
Don’t look at the world with a horse’s blinders
Or rose tinted glasses
Or “a” singular, linear
Unanimous perception

Believe in me my little one
I’m going to tell you a secret
You are going to be born to die

Yes, you heard me

To live is to die

You are going to ask me then
What is the point of it all?
When all that is for me to feel
Is a world with an ending after all

I’m going to stay silent
And let you breathe with your questions
Your pondering
Your confusion

Let me tell you dear
You are a drop in this massive ocean
But you are also the entire ocean
In a single drop

You are the benevolence of Jesus
The wrath of Shiva, the might of Shakti
The omniscience of Allah
The grace of Wahe Guru

The blaze of the sun
The calm of the moon
The shine of the stars
The limitlessness of the sky

The heat of fire
The life in water
The light in the dark
The salt of the Earth

Just believe me when I say
You are not here to “get it”
You, my love
You’ve got it

And maybe you’re only and only here
To finally
“Know it”