Poems by
Spandan Dash

When a Soldier falls in love

a poem by Spandan Dash

In an evening, in the middle of Arabian Sea,
A soldier saw a girl in white Kurti with blue jeans,
He fell in love at first sight,
Both had one destination, to Mumbai,
Everybody were excited to see the dark blue sea,
But soldier was excited to see the bee,
The ship was so big,
With lots of compartment inside it,
And that girl was always confused with her cabin,
So she asked the soldier to guide her to find,
Soldier was an ex-navy captain with lots of experience,
He helped her and she said thank you ‘O’ Mister,
Her few words touches the soldiers heart,
Soldier became excited and proposed to her immediately,
Girl was confused but finally agreed,
Happily both enjoyed their voyage,
But there was a twist in their love story,
Unfortunately the ship hit a sea mountain,
And the ship wrecked in a few seconds,
There were few life boats with hardly any life jackets,
But that well prepared ex-captain who saved a lot of lives,
By sacrificing own life,
The girl was frustrated,
But didn’t kill herself,
Rather she became a navy soldier,
In Indian cost-guard,
And this story gave a message to the nation,
That a soldier always falls in love with his duty rather than love with a beauty.