Poems by
Snigdha Jain


a poem by Snigdha Jain

What I am
I ask myself everyday
A daughter
A mother
A friend or a sister

Is it all about am
Am I defined only by my relations
When will someone say
Before anything else
I am a woman, a girl.

A being with dreams and aspirations
Not just responsibilities
A life wanting to fly
Not to be bounded in restrictions

I am energy
A light, a glowing candle
Burning every second
To brighten other’s life
When will I get a chance to burn
For myself,
To bring light to my own life

Am I destined only to live for others
What about living for myself
Everyday I step out of my home
I sacrifice a small part of my freedom,
A tiny dream I saw since I was little
A man fulfills all his dreams
But who keeps the record of,
My shattered dreams
Who collects the colours
That drains out of my life slowly and slowly

As a mother I live for my child
As a sister I suffer for my siblings
As a daughter I care about my parents
As a friend I help selflessly
But as a girl
I breathe only through my chains
Chains of questions, accusations,
Suspicion, disrespect
And what not

Is this freedom
Well this is what I have known of freedom
I wish I get one day to live for myself
A second to laugh,
To not care,
To be free
What am I?