Poems by
Danny Sneham

Cold Love

a poem by Danny Sneham

Girl I’m not the one who I always used to be
You changed my life upside down
I built a city for you
Just to make your dreams come true
But you punished me for treason
But baby I know its not the correct reason
And I’m not bad
Seeing you sleeping on my shoulder
Was the last thing that I wanted
And now I sit in the corner
Wasting time
In mirror I see no reflection
I feel fake love connection
Nothing but distraction
Total headache
I lost myself
And from tonight I don’t wanna know the reasons
And I’m gonna live with or without perfection
When I first saw you
You were like a perfect painting
Who was always smiling
But tonight, I’m making the colors fade
I don’t wanna remember you
I don’t wanna miss those old days
I just want to live every single day of my life
Girl I’m telling you
I’m so glad that you left me
You taught me what fake love is
You left me in a woods with no direction
But I’ll survive as far the Sun shines
As far as I live