Poems by
Sneha Wassan

Yes, I am Black

a poem by Sneha Wassan

I was born with a faceless fair,
God painted me with charcoal, they said!
So by now you get it, I’m black!

A progeny of the slaves, a colour of destruction and evil fate!
My colour became my identity of atrocious diabolical mind,
Too young to understand,
the world of a bogging vainglorious land.

It never shook me, I never broke,
You tacitly coveted my sight, abdominated me for my colour!
But how could the colour of my skin arbitrate my Destiny and rights?
Your cold stare freezed me at times.

But the growing young lady within, escalated to believe in the heart inside!
You cannot destroy my flesh and soul,
I am a thousand galaxies untold!
My life won’t be a recession of the utterly fallacy you created, my character
Because of my colour has been constantly underrated!
You hate my colour black!

Then why prefer hallucinating about the Lamborghini matte black?
My colour helps you to lit up the light,
Doesn’t it works out the best for a romantic candle light?
Don’t forget the classy black shades you wear!
And Doesn’t that black tuxedo fits you the best?

Our blood is the same anyways, unabashedly i speak out,
We all humans, aren’t we same?
Beautiful in every size and shade.
Your credulity won’t kill me, your slangs won’t hit me,
For my skin is not a badge of shame.
Education is what you need, patience is what we have,
It is all, the game of one’s mindset.

I’m a child of God! Happy and pretty in every phase,
I will stay forever in my lane, graciously magical, in every way.
We’re all gorgeous, from the top of our fros to the tip of our toes.
Holding my head high,
I will always Proclaim!
Yes, I am a black child,
Unique and adoring, in every possible way!