Poems by
Sivapriya V


a poem by Sivapriya V

Parting journeys with invisible tears
Originating soulful music
Inflatable foot prints of brooding nostalgia
Besides the shadows of last glances

Packing clothes…
Not the straggling and pestering thoughts
Feel the tapping sound in the murmuring air

Desperate hope in window eyes
With distant memory rides
Leaving the scare and with care

Echoing with an ego…
And tremble feeling through trampled desire
Again prolonged with cherished journey…

Barren heart filled with
Loads of happiness and blast of surprises.
Numerous events
Depict the numbness of actions

Not a passer-by…
Passed the veins of emotion in our blood vessels
My virgin heart filled with untold tales

My foot steps ahead
But my memories back!!!
Parting is not final destination
And millions of good bye
Cherished journey with
The billions of rapturous memories