Poems by
Shyam Bhaya

Of Gods and Goddesses

a poem by Shyam Bhaya

Stories of them from childhood heard
In wonder latched on to every word
Impressed by their strength and prowess
Awed by their magical powers, countless

For each one a matter of faith
Believed to be responsible for one’s fate
Earnest prayers to them daily
In temples venerated, adorned so gaily

In times of trouble, seeking their guidance
Meditating in their presence in silence
Hearts filled with faith and hope
Asking for inner strength to cope

Celebrated for ages in temples and homes
Sculpted exquisitely in marble and stones
Worshipped with hymns and songs
Guiding us when we go wrong

A powerful influence on life’s path
Hoping not to incur their wrath
Showing the way, to eternal bliss
Always by your side, remember this