Poems by
Shuddhasatta Acharya

Paradise Unexplored

a poem by Shuddhasatta Acharya

Let not my passion overwhelm you
My desire will burn within
You are the masterpiece that’s too good to be true
A beauty which I have never seen
I can vividly remember the first day I saw you
My heart must have skipped a beat
I resolved to love you till the last day of recorded time
I felt as if the world was at my feet
Every minute, every second, I thought of you, even in my sleep
You are my prized asset who is too priceless for me to keep
I can reincarnate a million times, just to meet you again
Let us share every moment together- all our joy and all our pain
Let me taste your tears, let me feel your fears
Even after seeing you every day from dawn to dusk, I never get bored
You are the closest thing to perfection that I have seen
You are a paradise left unexplored.