Poems by
Shubham Sawant

India of 21st century

a poem by Shubham Sawant

This is India, Oh my friend,
And corruption is the current trend,
If you think the system can work,
Then I think you are a dork.
From lazy babu to lousy neta ,
And for icing on the cake there is arrogant mantri ka beta,

Some say the pen is stronger…
Nah! I don’t think any longer.
‘Tis said actions speak loudly,
But now money speaks more proudly!!!

Once Gandhi spoke in flesh & blood,
And to listen people came in a flood.
These days his face on currency notes,
Can buy you things like even votes.
Once that man called Gandhi,
Had walked miles up to Dandi,
But it’s neither Gandhi nor Dandi…
Kids now prefer to read Suppandi.

Famished children around food stalls,
Homeless people near shopping malls,
Villages around a megacity.
Drought along with hydroelectricity…
Wow!! That’s unity in diversity!