Poems by
Shrayona Guha


a poem by Shrayona Guha

And slowly, everything felt numb.
Tears turned to needles,
scraping through the skin
but the pain felt like just a mere touch of mist.
Soft, gentle.
Blood gushing out of her body,
taking her soul along.
But it was the most peaceful she ever felt.
She could hear foot steps of the end nearing
but she surrendered without a fight this time
as the pain started fading,
giving feeling of that bliss and calmness
that she longed for,
that she thirsted
and every inch of her soul craved.
Call her a warrior changing into a masochist,
bowing down for the first and last time before her most brutal enemy.
She didn’t give up without a fight.
She fought against all forces that joined hands to compel her into giving up.
But the pain within exceeded
so that it scarred every corner of her internal body
that she finally realized that her foe was indeed a friend,
offering her an escape from her intolerable misery.
It was just an illusion
but it succeeded in killing a fighter
and she gave up herself to him.