Poems by
Shivaji Pandhare

Fruitless Freedom

a poem by Shivaji Pandhare

Fruitless freedom-
From solitary reaper
To band wagon creeper
As common man I never breathe
Scared and hold my soul in fist
Speechless dumb in crowd
Unbelievable, strange gazes on each
Uncanny faces labeled as if wicked
No reactive rebelling blood in my
Veins detected
I muttered in bathroom
World must be changed
And feel words while brushing teeth
Shit on my head
That carrying worried thoughts as burden
For insecure future

Hate my all acceptances as slavery
I am searching lonely for words of truth

A nominee to stand against to stop all this evil
TRUTH– whomsoever concerned lonely like me
These all damnable scenes eye soring but
I have to salute and smile before them
Who never deserve it.
How I stooped my neck before my nation’s flag?
And I don’t know where my soul fly
And humanity died in heartless massacre in name
Of religion
JUSTICE it maybe snoring after late night feast of
Or it may be vigil whole night worrying for happenings
With Useless remained sensitive heart sentimentally.