Poems by
Shemily P John

Me the Women and You the People

a poem by Shemily P John

When I tried to look deep into your eyes if there is any element of love
You said, I am shameless and disrespectful!

I stood straight as not to bend my back, raised my head up to feel confident
All of you pointed at me and murmured, see her attitude

I cut my hair short to get out of the lice? Or if I like to?
You all like her male hormones are excess. And me a lesbian!!

When I spread my wet long hair, hanging like a cascade
My Dad, along with many… Can’t you tie this? Decided to tempt men?

Wished to brighten up my face, as my hormones tend to prick my pimples
Why? Exhibitionism? You all started asking

Marriage and love making, the nauseate smell of alcohol
Everyone rose to say, she could have been pregnant

My saggy boobs and stretchmarks
Make you whisper to say… he got this older woman as wife

I thought of being quite appealing even after births
Died… yes literally died to maintain the figure so that my husband can be hooked off
The talk of the town is I am determined to seduce many

If I say a word loud, demand for a right
I have become the nagging women

If I remain silent and quite
I am the incompetent Buddhus… who can never become a manager

My cravings for tempting food would be always a matter of huge concern
For you? Oh God because on the bed you like to caress a slender body

My jokes pierced you deep
Though I can be a matter of fun in gatherings

You all talk wildly about ladies in socializing nights
Your fun ends up in their sexy looks

If I am annoyed, I am the dominating woman, husbands are henpecked
Agreeing and making fun along with you all… literally it’s me you are stripping off

Seeing your joy and pride
When you can shout at me in front of many comrades

Your ego reaches the height
If I dare to say loudly a ‘NO’, rather shaking my head

I wish to massacre many being tortured
But I ended up myself… surrendering and Yes I prefer death than defeats

You started digging my grave
To find my extramarital relationship. And all of you become busy in my stories…