Poems by
Shashank Maurya

Through it all

a poem by Shashank Maurya

I desolated in these feeling that getting worse by passing days
How it felt inside can’t be told
These words spoken burns inside, hurts mind that can’t be heel by time
I am just building wall to separate from voices of hate

I buried mine, devil inside somewhere
Now he is screaming to come out from his grave

Now how it feels, that pushing me down
Too heavy to carry in my mind
Burning inside, these words will come out!

Don’t want to be crushed by anyone
I am just leaving it all

Pain that feels inside is too much
Tears that fallen on ground are too much

But through it all
I will carry on

I wil not bury myself
I will live till the end
To be more
I am just leaving it all

Through it all
I am carrying on
Through it all, Somehow
I am still carrying on