Poems by
Shalini Singh


a poem by Shalini Singh

Love has a meaning that needs to be found
Search in your heart its deep and profound

Love seems to have answers to all our doubts
Whenever we are in despair and tend to shout

Love rekindles the hope when dark clouds hover
Frees our heart of all sorrows and lets it rover

Love is the soft warm breeze that kisses our face
Heart so pure and full of love always eager to embrace

Love is the cracker that splitters and sparkles in the dark
Leaves no corner abandoned at a distance we see the sparks

Love flows like the trail of the river at times placid, at times torrent
Obstacles and hindrances cease to stop its current

Love is a tree that nurtures all hopes and dreams
In the shade of this tree compassionate souls day dream

Love forms a rainbow over sea that enthrals us with its bright hues
Love is the boat that helps us sail through all the blues

Love is like an oasis in the dry, lonely, barren deserts
Solace in the state of melancholy is what love asserts

Love becomes a hope amidst all gloom and dissonance
Hopes tend to bloom and deep in our heart we hear the resonance