Poems by
Satyendra Pandey

Childhood again

a poem by Satyendra Pandey

Tiny legs and tiny arms,
Here and there like a bee swarms.
Small palms and so were the paws,
Life being free, abided no laws.
When days began with joy and ended with a cackle,
No worry for tomorrow, no problem to tackle.
Different was the time, close to heart it stays,
Missing my childhood, missing those days.

When the whole world was a playground.
Eyes full of confidence, shiny, big and round.
Mind was at peace and of course it was sound,
Even trivial things brought happiness profound.
Dreams were no less too, always aiming high,
From scientists to Shaktiman or a fierce prominent spy.
Sailing paper boats, flying kites,
Watching the moon, counting stars in Summer nights.
And moon wasn’t a satellite but a relative,
Slept listening her lullabies, Mumma was so creative.

Talked nonsense but were pragmatic,
Were innocence though ahead of a lunatic.
Never knew these were all sands of time.
World wasn’t that fair but cruel filled with crime.
Time is a friend and also one of the foes,
Harsh one lingers for long, sweet one quickly goes.
Clocks ticked fast, such was the brevity.
Felt someone special, until slapped by the reality.

Years have passed since then,
I find myself among grown, mature men.
Now new aims bring new aspirations,
Fed up of fulfilling all the expectations.
Alien to a race, yet running in it,
Trying to get indulged, whether fit or not fit.
And yes, this is what I have become today,
A weak mediocre soul battling to stand each day.
I find something missing and the heart gives the reply,
That innocent little child in me is now about to die.
Never felt its value, enjoyed and moved on,
Looking for childhood again, too sad for it’s gone.
Worst Part? When I stand in front of a mirror,
Can’t see myself but someone unknown, a Stranger.

These worldly things I can’t bear, they turn me insane,
Get me back those days, Let me live my Childhood Again,
Let me live my Childhood Again.