Poems by
Satish Bhande

Less life, more experiences

a poem by Satish Bhande

Let’s talk some real stuff
Nah its just non sense but its obvious
That I’ve upgraded from a person to an artist
And I’m rising, fighting, I don’t know why the hell I’m still writing
I haven’t gotten in a flight
But I still think that I’ll just keep on flying
Like most other’s I’m just trying
I’m lying
I have happy face but on the inside I am crying
How can I escape my own mind

You teach me how to live
You better look at your own life
Times aren’t right but I notice its my time
Rather than mumbling words I try to say truth through these lines
Envision it in your own mind
Now see your loved ones die
Now see the street life
Watch the street light
Break the signal and go ahead
Now bang your head in an ambulance
Someone’s just gonna die
Why would I say lies
You just saw death in front of your own eyes
There’s no light in this cold night
I don’t have money I don’t smoke weed
I don’t get high
Stay low and stay nice
I ain’t rich yet, so I prefer getting beating on a fair price
Nobody is trying to kill me
Listen up and just feel me
Feel free to slap me and wake up next morning in hell
I’m stuck between a cliff and a well
So I jump of the cliff
And spread out my wings