Poems by
Sasa Milivojev

The Bridge of Sighs

a poem by Sasa Milivojev

Beams of light are entering shyly
Into the darkness through
Dungeon bars
Carried from the bridge are resounding
Screams and chains and wailing cries
Confined prisoners the defiant
The suffering paying their price

The walls are echoing
With whispers of the final prayer
Falling down the tears of blood
Frightened by the ferrous tide
And the Infinity’s deadly voicelessness

Perished the wholesome
The innocent the hungry
Against the injustice to rebel
To their children bid farewell
For the freedom of their children
when they drew
that final breath

Drawing close the final moments, my life
May you never forget
That moment of horrid death
The innocent could not object

The prison drowned
In tempestuous sea
Immersed the dungeons
In sharp water entirely
To pieces scattered victims hearts
Bodies and souls torn apart
With a screaming cry
Heavens let out a painful sigh

(Translated by Ljubica Yentl Tinska)