Poems by
Sanjay Sarkar


a poem by Sanjay Sarkar

I don’t like what’s going on,
All of this is very wrong.
People are freaking out,
Going crazy starting to shout.

Nothing stocked in the stores,
Wearing gloves to touch the doors.
A lot of people getting sick,
People acting like a dick.
Wear gloves and a mask on your face,
All of this is a disgrace.

I wish I had or could create a cure,
Being stuck inside always is such a bore.
Social distancing they say to practice,
I can’t believe it’s come to this.

Some people not taking this serious,
They must be delirious.
My family and myself I need to protect,
Doing my best to not infect.

People continuing to die,
The news and government continue to lie.
When will all this be taken care of,
Praying for safety and help from above.
Wishing everyone the best,
So far I’ve been blessed.

I just can’t believe that from the very beginning Trump has known,
No major actions being shown.
All the people that have died and he doesn’t care,
This is far from being fair.
Oh yeah send us A stimulus check,
Yes that will help but find a cure I mean what the heck.

Basically being quarantined,
Doing my best to always clean.
Have a curfew-can’t go out late,
All of us having to isolate.
Can’t really see friends or family,
Missing them and them missing me…

I don’t know what else to say,
I just want this to go away..
Stay safe everyone.
Take every kind of action that is needed to be done.