Poems by
Sakshi Kansal

Repercussions Covid-19

a poem by Sakshi Kansal

Bare feet with empty pockets
Covering miles just to reach their sockets
Thinking of life, what ahead it will be
Thinking about time, how hard it will be
Hitting them, without a single hit
Now their life is upside down, in the worst manner it could be

I dare to pen down their pain in my words
But I forgot to mention who they were
They were not just Pravasi Majdur
They were one who compensate their life to be at their ghar bandhu
Some were struck in the city lime lights
Some were due to fulfill financial crises
But at last they understood

It is our home place which could save our life
Sitting under the roof, be thankful to lord
You are not the one whom he choose for miles to walk
Be grateful for all feedings you had in the past time
Because it is hard when hunger strikes