Poems by
Sagarika Jena

Utkala Janani, Odisha Temple, a beautiful place

a poem by Sagarika Jena

The most beautiful place in the world,
That’s only “odisha” to be called.

It’s called Utkala Janani,
A state full of greenery.

Mingling nature of people,
Takes you to another humanity world.

Beautiful, fascinating tribal culture,
Leads one to temple sculptures.

Stupas of Udayagiri, Ratnagiri,
Leads to a famous temple called Puri.

The land of dexterous artists and craftsman,
Possess a rich artistic tradition.

Tiny mirrors, embroidery art,
To create a piece of applique art.

There’s a handicraft village “Pipli”
Famous for its temple art totally.

A unique festival of swings is celebrated here,
That’s “Raja” to be clear.

Rath yatra is a Hindu festival,
Celebrated in the Puri temple.

It’s a peaceful place to visit,
Surely you will plan for a revisit.