Poems by
Roopa Nanjesh

To My Dear Friend

a poem by Roopa Nanjesh

Far in the grasslands
Where the sun was shining bright
And the breeze was cool
where the sound of waterfalls
enthralled my ears

Where there was absolute silence
and everything around was so pure
Among the whispers of dancing grass
I heard a voice so heartwarming,
so welcoming.

She cried out to me
‘Want to be my friend?’
I looked at her as she stood there
like an angel with a broad smile
A smile that would touch anybody’s heart
I said to her ‘would be pleased to’.

We walked together amidst tall grass
A friendship flourished as we talked
she was like glass… no duality
she gave me strength and
in turn received poise.

As the sun rose I opened my eyes
to realize that it was a beautiful dream
a dream that had already come true
I had found a friend to share my joy
my sorrows and much more
I smiled to myself and said ‘Lucky me’!