Poems by
Riyad Maroof Hassan

The Silhouette of Reality

a poem by Riyad Maroof Hassan

Do you remember, father?
You told me that we would be taught to become proper humans.
But, are we learning that or are we being taught that?
Inhumans have surrounded my planet of dreams, father.
Where can I find the blank lovely space?
Can it be done in this planet?
Can it be, father?

Do you remember, father?
You told me that we would be learning grammar and having a war of words.
Which war are we being taught to fight?
We thought they would teach us the war of our life
But here we are being taught to fight war with our friends.

Do you remember, father?
You told me that we live in a peaceful world,
But, are we living like that or is it the fault of the world that is making us live?
Talking about the world makes a life speechless.

Do you remember, father?
You told me that, in the second standard,
We would be learning about conservation of our mother Earth.
Are we considering it as our mother and if we are, why are we dusting her clothes?
People say their mothers help them with their first steps.
But, aren’t we fading those footsteps of the road she prepared for us?
Aren’t we disturbing her breath making it polluted?

Do you remember, father?
You told me that everybody is a genius
Whether by their talent, creativity or by their fast mind?
But, now, what I see is different, father.
We are just told to be hidden and they tuck us inside a rack
And tell us about success and future?
They think success comes from failure,
But, are they letting us give a try?
They say touch the sky,
But, being locked down in a cage,
Will they let us fly, father?
Will they?

They say, spread colours around this beautiful land we live in,
But, if they give us artificial colors,
Won’t we be spreading hatred all around?
They can fly in the air
But, I assure, father, their wings will be torn down soon.
The world has broken down, father.
Lives are endangered,
I wish it would have been a barren planet.
It would be better, father.

If it happened, the trees were always safe in their land of dreams.
The animals never could have thought of such misbehaviour with them.
The humans never could have got the chance of becoming
Such mightier people forgetting their heights.
Aren’t we being wrong, father?
Is this world a mistake or am I or are you or this nature that leads us to be like this?