Poems by
Ritu Sharma

Watch out Birdies!

a poem by Ritu Sharma

Three little birdies sitting in a row,
Which one of them is gonna steal the show?

Birdie one tops the popularity wave,
he looks confident not a least naïve!
A doer, a man of vision,
Is he now on a national mission?
Against him is the communal tag,
Alas… what if he loses the minority vote bag!

Birdie two is the dynasty king,
Apple pie of the women and the youth wing!
He’s trying hard to lead the charts,
Targeting many– is politics a game of darts?
Looks promising to just a few,
Alas… his mentors are in the corruption queue!

Birdie three is the new kid in the block,
his chair rocked – a 49 x 24 clock!
He seems to be honest to the core,
to the corrupt – he’s the biggest bore!
Now he’s selflessly looking for another dip,
Alas… should India trust… his leadership?

India’s the referee of the match,
Wondering what’s each birdie’s catch!
One – two – three go India go,
Let the best birdie win the show!