Poems by
Ritesh Haldankar

The Local People of Local Train in Mumbai

a poem by Ritesh Haldankar

See the morose faces
Of the travelers today.
Travelling to their destiny
Doing the same thing everyday.

So, they travel together,
With screens in their hand.
Wobbling with their thumbs,
The precious time they withstand.

Eyes looking too close,
To screens reflecting their core,
Earnestly to each their own,
Seeking just some more.

See ears nailed to music,
To deafen the impending sorrow,
For many this seems to work,
Escaping now for tomorrow,

The irritating children scream,
Wallowing accompanying stream;
Disturbing the serene peace,
Simply at all, just in between,

Then, looks exchange over time,
Crossing the stares undefined.
The sagaciously few abide,
To the interesting social design.

On to add to the drama,
The beggars bowl for change.
The clanging cry for living,
Winning sympathy in exchange.

Amateur Philosophies seep,
Speaking to ghosts of time.
Stating all yield to dust,
On the rails, in a brief while.

Just then the stations arrive,
Feet run to map their stride.
To reach the destination,
Only to simply return,
Or may be simply survive.