Poems by
Reetu Srivastava

I am Life

a poem by Reetu Srivastava

The city of mine
Chaos, commotion
Yet full of vibe
But now I am numb
When I hear no voice of her
Against all those perverse
Rotten curse
Rather accustomed to all
Lamenting on in tall verse
I am numb, when I see her
Dull, morbid every day

Dying on the street side
Beneath a hoarding with life giving caveat
Poor she has nothing to satiate
To buy a life in true indeed
Yet she is abiding by
The rules, the regulation
The queue, the system
Ingraining the breath
Sobbing inside, stifling badly
Limping boldly
Fighting the scruples
Yet mustering the faith,
Against predicated vagaries
Battling hard to prove her identity
With substantials in her hand
That I am Life
A human fidelity
Very much alive, complying
With system
But on the verge of extinction