Poems by
Ranjit Narayanan

Dadar Station

a poem by Ranjit Narayanan

The jostling crowd was restless as the public system crackled to life,
A bored voice announced the impending arrival of the Chennai Mail,
Cries of the hawkers mingled with the wailing of the babies
Silk clad mammies wore jasmine gardens on their heads,
Dadar station was a teeming multitude of humanity,
In the corner almost hidden away from the entrance he quietly stood,
Clutching on to the large haversack on his back as he glanced around,
His blue Adidas T Shirt along with the faded Wranglers made some glance his way,
The nonchalance of his gait seemed almost a shield against the whole world outside,
He seemed waiting for someone to arrive as at his wrist watch he kept looking,
The distant whistle of the train came closer from the southern end of the platform,
Anxiously he looked at the station entrance as the train slowly pulled in,
There was that anxious look in his eyes as he scoured the crazy crowds,
Soon the unease turned into an apprehension into a discernible restlessness,
He moved towards his bogie and found the S-6 and looked back one last time,
His eyes welled up at the thought of leaving without a good bye,
She was soaking wet in the torrential Mumbai Monsoon,
As she tried to run between the ubiquitous traffic snarl towards the Dadar terminus