Poems by
Raksha Prakash


a poem by Raksha Prakash

Loving you like breathing
How can I stop!
My love for you is endless…
Can’t stop thinking about you!
Waiting for the day, us being together…
Let the count down begin,
Tick tock, tick tock goes the time,
And I’m sure! You are just mine!
Being with you gives me joy
I wish, we would be together for two years…
I love your naughty eyes winking at me,
Which makes me feel shy!
Can’t afford being away from you anymore,
Need to spend time with you… somemore
Whatever was the situation, you always kept by my side…
I never wanna lose you
Even if I die!
May our dreams come true
So that we can be together soon!
Your cute smile, brings me miles closer to you!
I just wanna say… I love you… I Love you and I really Love you!
The best thing about you is… You knew me well…
And never carried off by someones yell!
Even though I’ve hurt you once,
You always stood for me… once, twice, thrice.. many times!
You are second after my father… whom I loved so much!
And keep on loving forever!
I just wanna say, never want to lose you! Never ever!!