Poems by
Rajesh Ranga Rao

The Lost (P)ride

a poem by Rajesh Ranga Rao

The bullet was loaded into the gun
Alone inside the dark room – there was none
His mind very clear; He was well prepared
While all his belongings inside the room stared

Slightly looks up and glances his past thoughts
The journey challenging/difficult; popularity bought
Mesmerized people by his extra-ordinary creation
He was a wave; A true sensation

His business fared well day after day
Smashed all records; Got huge pay
There was no end for his fan base
Surrounded him everywhere – at every place

His ideas appreciated; His actions raised all levels
His attitude and methodologies always rang the bells
Success after success – made him rich
He was the talk of the town – subject of people’s speech

Things’re always not the same
A better guy entered the game
The experiences that he’d earlier, were now being enjoyed by his competitor
He gives away his rank, his place, his pride, to the new architect – the new Master

Inclined towards decline; Once rocked path, blocked
Failures and defeat; Things’re now out of control – Success door locked
Poor business reduces his cash
His ideas now in the folder ‘Trash’

He is sad, disappointed as everything leaves him
He’d just glanced his life journey so far; His breathe goes on dim
Alone inside the dark room – there was none
The bullet is now no more inside the gun