Poems by
Priyanka Agarwal


a poem by Priyanka Agarwal

The earth was in pain,
Was crying in the form of acid rain,
Something bad was going to start.
There was a hole in her ozone heart.

She couldn’t breathe properly now,
Her amazon lungs were burning slow.
She was looking drastic,
The main reason was plastic.

She kept silent and kept her calm.
But who was doing all this harm?
Flood, Cyclones, earthquakes and storm,
None was hearing her alarm.

All her creations were suffering,
It was human who was interfering,
He was her most intelligent creation,
But human forgot their limitations.

Mother then thought, to teach a lesson,
To teach human more compassion.
Who is the creator she wanted them to realise,
So she sent a virus in their lives.

The most powerful human then started losing the battle,
A small virus turned out to be fatal.
All his efforts are in vain,
Now the human is in pain.

We have realised our mistake mother,
Please don’t punish us further.
Forgive us for our mistakes,
For so many innocent lives are at stake.

We promise to take care,
You seem to be smiling when we are not there.
We will make you happy now,
Our heads in front of you we bow.