Poems by
Priya Chaudhary

The Inside War

a poem by Priya Chaudhary

People go by all means,
No one stays in your life,
The only one to watch the screen
Not god; but you.
And your own strife.

God has many to look around,
You are no special,
Even if you have good deeds to surround.

‘To each is own‘ as people say,
One has their own world,
Living in a different way.

You sympathise,
You apologize,
You pray,
You prey,
You fight for a living,
Here you forget
The art of giving.

The world is egotistical,
For it is self-centred,
It is by far twistical,
Like devil had mentored.

God’s hell is his love for humanity,
The devil-angel war,
Some consider insanity,
I say, as lightening strikes.
Here enters THOR.

You have to survive,
There is no way out,
‘Justice and injustice ‘
Shouting the souls out loud.

No one can be as good as they want to,
No one can be as bad as they need to,
Its just a puzzle,
Of your side by,
Dark or light,
Your behaviour decides;
Devil or angel,
Your actions recite.

For god is not munificent,
As he is just in his own way,
For him, we are merely toys,
Made with clay, for him to play.