Poems by
Pragya Modi

My best friend

a poem by Pragya Modi

When I sit under these shining stars,
I realise happiness is so far
When the soft breeze touches my hands,
Whispering love that I understand
When I hear these ringing church bells,
Biding our love a farewell
When I see those colourful flowers,
I miss our strength and powers
When I see that white dove,
My heart dies for our love
When I think of those school days,
Laughing on our mischievous ways
You were my light,
you were my night
You were my holy paradise.
Then comes a chapter in my life,
Where there is no hope to strife
Everyone’s in deep silence
My life has no balance,
I ask you in my holy prayers,
For I have no more strength to bear
I wish we could meet again,
someday in the heavenly rain
I want to kiss you my best friend,
Missing you every weekend.