Poems by
Pooja Sharma

Gone are the days

a poem by Pooja Sharma

We start our day not by looking in the mirror but by crushing candy in our mobile
Is life worthwhile?
We are a slave of the Facebook and constantly update our status and our look
So venomous is this bite of WhatsApp
That we become connected to our groups but in our family there is a gap
Children want to tell us something but we are snap chatting
When they want to play with us we are watching Virat batting
The Clash of Clans then grabs their attention and Pub G starts giving us tension
Studies go on a hike and kids ride on their bike

Can we return to where we were?
No cellphone, no wi-fi and a stress-free day?
When kids used to play with each other
Where parents communicated with one another
When the stars filled the sky with their cluster, there was no pollution to suffer
When women felt safe with whatever they were wearing without anyone glaring or staring
When shopping from a crowded market felt better than visiting a mall
When groceries were not available online and there were no Apps for ordering food
We made our way into department stores and ordered food that tasted finger licking good.
I wish that time comes back
When we were genuinely happy
As this online thingy at times seems so crappy.