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Stay a little longer with me

a poem by Pinks

There was this smart boy, who loved cars.
There was this pretty girl, who loved bikes.
They never knew life would bring them together on road rides.
The boy was arrogant, so was the girl polite.
They never knew their destiny would collide.
The boy and the girl met daily on the way,
Looking at each other, they passed their day.

One day they got a chance to talk,
They kept talking throughout the little walk.

They got to know each other well,
All the secrets they used to tell.

In few days, they became friends,
This is where the story begins,
They smiled, laughed and joked,
Together they always rocked.

Here comes a wonderful twist in the story,
The boy now likes another girl’s glory.

He goes crazy behind the beauty,
Not realizing that he was being naughty.

The girl never tried to express her feelings,
She decided to let go of things.

She decided to move on in her life,
Finally, she was going to be a wife.

Don’t know what made the boy stop her,
Maybe he was finally in love with her.

But they didn’t let their feelings out,
Internally their hearts did shout.

At last, their ego collapsed, they had to depart.
It was the time they had to apart.

They kept saying to each other, stay a little longer,
With distance, their love became stronger.

They are still not together,
But they have their memories forever.