Poems by
Parshathi S Mohan

The Corona Carol

a poem by Parshathi S Mohan

We tread along the shady meads
To defeat the men of endless greeds,
To lock them down and stop their deeds,
To sow new seeds and wipe out the weeds.

Our forebears came once with an oud,
But the men killed them with immense proud.
Now came we, the mutant crowd
To see the men below the shroud

Eirene is now awake, peace all around.
Streets are calm, sans displeasing sound.
Beasts are free, some lost and found.
And the men are scared to go beyond the bound.

Bodies are piled up, like the wastes, in pits.
Neither rich, nor poor can escape from it.
We’ve come to you with monstrous spirit
To let you down and to kill your grit.

The doors are shut, with mute despair.
World with new eyes prays for care.
Fights and wars seen nowhere
Times like this, come very rare.

Eyes of men, now pleads to me
But not as such born were we
This ogre was made by thee
Thus we’ll go nowhere unless you flee.