Poems by
Parneka Chowdhry

Mother Earth

a poem by Parneka Chowdhry

My Mother Earth has lots of trees.
Many butterflies and swarm of Bees.
It has plants and it has flowers
From hot summer mornings, to rain drop showers.

It has five seasons – Summer, Monsoon, Autumn, Spring and Winter
In spring, flowers bloom.
In autumn they wither and leaves fall,
Some are Short and some are tall.
Nowadays summers are too hot.
Stop Global Warming and they will not.

In monsoon, they are pouring rains
Mud and water, in the roads and lanes
Children playing out, till they are sick
And mummy takes them to doctor, quick, quick, quick

Snowman and Snowflakes are all in Winters
Children play out till they have blisters
My Mother Earth has her own Beauty
Not to spoil her is our Duty.
Never make Mother Earth Sad, when you play
Thank you and have a Nice Day.