Poems by
Paras Barsaiya

I’ll smile

a poem by Paras Barsaiya

When my heart, would ache apart
When my soul, would ruin the start
When my blood, would stain the grass
But still I’ll smile

When I would be all alone
With depression, sorrounding the clone
Waiting for the mighty stone
But still, I’ll smile

When my anger would be on its peak
When everyone would be on their own streak
No one would care about anyone anymore
World would be like the hell no more
But still I’ll smile

When my life, would freak around
All alone with helpless crown
When the bonds, of false support will break
I’ll smile

When my belongings will show their face
I would be struggling, in the life’s race
When my will, will loose its hope
That day… Still I’ll smile

When the one, I loved the most
Will break, my inside core
Tears would be their, but expression no more
But still I’ll smile

When the false smile , with tears aside
Will express the joy, but pain inside
When everyone will ignore, even my sight
I’ll smile

When old friends, will gather an ego
Strange friends would be like the strangers as ago
Attitude will ruin the friendship alike
But still I’ll smile

When quiteness would be the world’s expression
Rude and tough will be the tradition
Neighbors would never be known
But still I’ll smile

When I’ll count, my last breath
Old faces, will scroll my strength
Two streams would enroll my face
Everything would be finished… For my stake
But even that day… I’ll smile