Poems by
Omayer Ahmed Shawon

Will leave

a poem by Omayer Ahmed Shawon

I will leave the shadow of afternoon noon
Long silence
Feeling uncomfortable may be an eye
I’ll go with a sharp turn-
The dust leaves the path in deep strangers.
I’m going to leave in the dark
Robe grass is full on the chest
The two wings of the body go both sides
Surprised surprise!
Will be gone silent-free-talking-speechless
On the way to the earth by the great starvation.
I will leave the solitary- unlimited calls
Bashaban-Jharban-Jhawban is spreading
We will go to the sunshine at noon
Arjun (Tree) rubbing leaves.
Necklaces of blood sugar candy will not be seen and seen
Noisy, no participation in the festival
Everything will go away – there is no obligation,
The dinghy filled in the pinnate and the pans flowing rivers
Once upon a time,
Where he forgot!

Let’s go softly; Leave prisoner love
Be free
I will forget all that is.
Eyes extend into the ocean’s beaches
The eye will return to the source – will go away,
Painful mother must leave!
The young man’s room full of flowers.
Life will hang all over
Or open the bold gait of love,
Let’s leave the heavens for a long time
I can’t see the sign of change in direction.
Hate-negligence-push all push
Tinker like a dew of water
I’m going to leave-.
Eloquent flip over the roof
Absolutely; Vision Fearless Youth
I’m going to leave?
Let’s go hungry for hunger
Insatiable affliction and suffering
Big fear to go – big Maya is
Nevertheless, it will not be deleted even after the night
Leave all
Memories are filled with infinite hearts.