Poems by
Nitisha Mehrotra

My Heartful Ode!!

a poem by Nitisha Mehrotra

Oh! Greedy! Greedy Men… Trees fulfill your basic need
Cutting of Trees is Indeed! A cruel deed!!
They request you don’t be rude
But you bear your own attitude

The tall buildings for you are a real beauty
To adore them you feel is your true duty
The vast population need usable land
To carry out everyday custom as planned

Oh! You evil humans! You are hypocrites in every form
Different in pretense and act you perform
Writing ‘Save Trees’ on Paper is useless
This false show further confuse us

Monster of Pollution rules us
Smoke from chimney chokes us
Look at the fumes emitting high
This sight makes me cry

Alas! Trees are in a hurry to flee
Because you cut them in a glee

Trees are weeping, see their tears
Because your inhuman act make their end near
Planting Trees is the only solution
Dear Soul! When you will bring this revolution?