Poems by
Nisha A P

My Master – My first step to Oneness

a poem by Nisha A P

One evening I was left on a vast seashore alone
The sun was setting and the waves rough and strong
A frog croaked, a crab scurried in the sand
Those tiny reptiles, insects, birds and whirlwind
I was scared and parched, for everything seemed bizarre all around

I wailed aloud, my heart beat in fast leaps
Tears rolled flooding the Kajal down my cheeks
I screamed as the waves beat with great intense
Fear engulfed me into its unknown depth and darkness
I started running to escape from the confusing expanse

I tripped for the sand was loose, much to my despair
I cried for failing in my struggle to disappear
And then in those bewildering moment
There came an angel who was more of a hermit
He helped me up, consoled me, that peaceful Zen kind of a saint

I looked at his face while he handed me a gift
I looked at his gift, it was a bamboo flute
Which he took from his quiver back sling
His presence was comforting and speech so calming
He asked me why on earth I was frantically running

Poring yet at his calmness, I pointed at the sun
He bowed to the dipping fire simmering the ocean
He enjoyed the hues the orange ball drew on the evening sky
I shifted my view up, its indeed heavenly so high
Then I complained “no, it’s the waves that angrily hit and fly”

“That’s the nature of waves to hit, but they are so friendly” cheerfully he quipped
Deceiving the chasing beach line, back and forth the shore we played
I laughed at the bubbles retrieving in failure and I jumped and clapped in joy
“Probably it’s the wind” I told, stealthily being coy
He stretched his arms open above, smelt the sea, and waved like a toy

“Just air bathe in its cool energy” he danced with the breeze
He lamented about the sky, the fire, the waves, the air and built me a sand house
He bowed down to all these in sheer reverence,
Impressed upon me to have gratitude, he called it the five elements
He asked me to stay like a flute, hollow and in total acceptance

“I will hold the clouds in my palms” I declared with a flavour of rivalry
Disapprovingly he smiled “Fear and Desire are the cause of all misery”
“Desire should be within the Yamas and Niyamas to avoid accumulating karmas”
He glorified about the 12 karmic laws and the 7 chakras
“Tasks had to be cleared, focus always” those were his mantras

Wide eyed I listened to him in awe until when the frog croaked again
He sensed my fright and explained oneness, we are connected and exist as one
He cooked some corn in the fire, fed me and the frogs
He showed up the sky and said, “Up the fire goes
While down falls the corn, each unique and in unison in this magnificent universe”

He got up to leave, as it was time to bid farewell
I was filled with sadness, I yet had to ask about the crab and more still
He gave me another gift from his sack, I thought it was a peppermint
He said it was a Kalpavruksha seed, a tool for wish fulfillment
“Remember to nurture it with curiosity and be consistent”

I bid him goodbyes in glee as he left with his bag full of seed
and with his flute quiver to give it probably to many others in need
I felt delighted visualising the picture of my life enveloped in bliss
I adored the insects and birds, and life all around is so pretty and precious
In celebration played my flute, as I realised that my master laid out my path to oneness