Poems by
Nirmol Midha

The Only Hero

a poem by Nirmol Midha

Is it necessary for a hero to fight in a war?
or the one who sails in off shores?

Let me give you a hint,
which will make you think.

I don’t call him my soldier or sir,
Captivated to know, it is my Dad.

He is the healer of my heart,
Let anyone break my little one.

I fall, he picks me up,
I feel lonely, he fills my vacuum,
I am lost, he guides me.

You have been more than a Dad to me,
there are no words left for me to say,
since, there are no words in comparison to what you have bequeathed me.

You have been a wonder to me,
I love you Dad is what really means to me,
cause, Dad you have been the only hero to me.