Poems by
Naveen Joseph Paul

Oh, How dreadful night is

a poem by Naveen Joseph Paul

In the gloomy darkness,
Frightful sound of a nocturnal beast,
Sudden screeching of a owl.
Oh, how dreadful night is.

Night, which is identified with
Death and horror; ghouls and goblin
Under whose feathered calm,
Without any spectra sleeps man.
Oh, how dreadful night is.

Early in the morning by river’s bank
Splendour, sunbeam spreading the colours
Of the spectrum.
Starts, the unending struggle of man
To maintain and keep alive his
Very existence.
Oh, how dreadful night is.

In the noon, when Man is on the path of struggle
The glittering sunshine gives assurance of
Pleasure to man.
And Man’s quest identification
With his fellow
On the basis of the oppressed and the
Oh, how dreadful night is.

Whether it be gloomy darkness or it be glittering
Whether it be the terrific nocturnal beast or it
Be barbaric man.
Everybody is identified with night.
Oh, how dreadful night is.