Poems by
Nathan Hiss

It has been far too long

a poem by Nathan Hiss

It has been far too long, now that you gone
So I write this poem today,
It could be a song.

Whichever it is,
I wonder if it would reach you,
So far across the seas,
Salaries later just to see you.

I was in school,
I think may be a year later
You visited and now its my chance,
Expected departure date, in the future
So I guess I have to wait…

But would your lips meet mine like they almost did that day?
You will be married, with kids, all grown up
And if I were to visit, inconvenience to your life and love.
Would you remember me?
My Coloured South African friend.
“You have a skin disorder” we said this and no racisim at the end.
So I long for the day that we meet again
And until then, know that I miss you my friend