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a poem by Magic

My love fell in love with a beautiful girl.
He fell in love with her pretty heart face,
Her charming eyes,
Her winning smile.
He told her how pretty she was,
How witty were the ideas,
That escaped her sharp tongue.
With her around, his lungs tightened,
And time danced.
He’d watch the way she laughed,
All teeth out, no care in the world.
And he’d smile.

My love fell in love with an enchantress,
A sorcerer, a miserable soul.
He walked in her darkness,
She called it her magic.
The darkness surrounded them both,
But the pretty girl accustomed to her darkness, glowed,
My love afeared started looking for escape.
He watched her body adorned with stars, floating above everyone else,
He watched her wings dust magic,
His eyes had awe in them,
His heart had fear.
How did he get into this?
Now my love hates magic,
He watches pretty girls with doubt in his eyes.
In every pretty girl he sees a tint of darkness of his past.
Someday my love will move on,
The shadows will finally leave him.
He’ll finally breathe freely,
My love will never see magic again.
My love will never find magic again.