Poems by
Leena Bhadra

With Love

a poem by Leena Bhadra

“Do you know what warmth is?” I asked and he answered,
“It’s when my cold hands touch your cold hands and our fingers entwine,
It’s when your sigh and my sigh turn into a soft breath,
Warmth is when loneliness meets loneliness and becomes a silent comfort,
It’s when sadness meets sadness and turns into happiness.
When a cool breeze collides against another cool breeze and becomes soft snow,
That’s what warmth is.
When the ice-cold heart melts with the steady approach of a comfy love,
Warmth comes.
Just as a single leaf lands on the shoulder without making a sound,
And cosmos lays its tender hands on me very lightly,
Warmth spreads silently and peacefully just like
You, in front of my eyes, fill me up with your fond love.”