Poems by
Kumar Jagannath


a poem by Kumar Jagannath

Maa, O Sweet Maa!

Maa, The Lord took the fragrance of the flower,
which aromates as high as the tower,
Maa, you are the majesty of a Tree,
which spreads across boundless, so free,
Maa, you are the gentleness of the morning dew,
which are only a few,
Maa, you are the calmness of the quite sea,
which makes one unseemingly glee,
Maa, you are the beauty of the twilight hour,
the cuty of the brightest flower,
Maa, you are the laughter of the roaring river,
and have the power of the caring giver,
Maa, you are the grace of a bird in the flight,
and the knower of what is right,
Maa, you are as tender and beautiful as the Lotus flower,
Maa, you are my Dear Sweet Lord,
Maa, you are the depth of the child’s need! (Maa bachon ki jaan hote hai!),
Maa, you are more than the master peice of the creation of the mighty Lord!
That’s why he simply named you , Maa!