Poems by
Kumar Gaurav

Listen to me

a poem by Kumar Gaurav

Does it matter who we are and what we do?
When all our actions do not impress upon you

The daily slog and pain that we take
Muster the courage to prepare ourselves for the day

Still when these actions have no bearing
The audience is deaf and there is no hearing

Collaborate with us and do not yield
The deadly virus has given us no shield

We are doing all it takes to save every life
And that can happen when we resolve our strife

Every second there is an infection
The science of the day is seeing no traction

How do you think we can defeat this?
The world is reeling and you know this

Out on the streets strolling you still are
Deaf to the sermons preaching we are

What is the cure give us if you have any
And obey us if you do not have any

It is for you that we are relentless
Need nothing in return its thankless

So hear us out and do as we say
Make yourselves cozy in homes and stay

We are in roads and wards
Serving you in stations and booths

We have chosen to serve and struggle
Fight for the country till last breath and battle