Poems by
Kartik Oberoi

The Fallen One

a poem by Kartik Oberoi

This is not about a soldier,
nor a hero,
or a commander.

It is about a simple boy,
simple indeed.
About a boy,
like any other,
but at the same time,
unlike any other.

All was well…
Until the 6th came.
Lost all his friends by the end,
his life was in wane.
But he went on,
By 7th, lost all for a handful.
By 8th, the last straw came,
Withering meaning of life,
Bullied till hell.
Teased till death.
Felt to give away,
But did otherwise.

Locked his feelings in a small wooden box,
Shame, happiness, love…
All gone!
All left was,
Sadness, and a twinge of anger.
None of these showed through eye or anywhere else.
All trapped in the heart.
Injury after injury,
To heart and soul.
Lost everything due to a few,
Knew he would never be redeemed.
Dreams shattered day and night.

They say,
Love conquers all…
But not him,
Ready to die,
A billion times in two years.
Afraid of it.
Will it pain?
Will it be done?
The clouds shall know
And time shall tell.

But now,
Failing to show much emotion,
Because it’s locked in the box.
Dumped into river Nile
To flow away and away
Knowing never to be forgiven…
What’s the use to stay on solid earth?
Will he go up or down?
Destiny shall answer…